On 16.6.2022, a demonstration of AUDROS – System & Service Demonstration of autonomous drone services in CBRNE took place in Vyškov.

The project is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Defence Agency (EDA) and involves a Czech-Polish consortium of companies. The Czech Republic is represented by the young technology companies GINA Software s.r.o., Fly4Future s.r.o. and BizGarden s.r.o. and the state-owned companies Vojenský výzkumný ústav s.p. in Brno and Vojenský technický ústav, s.p. in Prague. The Polish partner of the consortium is the technology company Cervi Robotics Sp.z o.o. from Rzeszów.

AUDROS addresses the concept of two systems that can simplify interventions and enhance security in large-scale events with suspected potential CBRNe threats.

The systems are based on the use of a drone whose flights are completely autonomous. Once the parameters are set, no operator intervenes in its operation. Two applications were selected for the demonstration project. An application for monitoring large interventions such as industrial fires, large-scale accidents, etc. And an automated system to intercept hostile drones carrying potentially dangerous CBRNe cargo, spraying agents, radioactive substances or even explosives.

The demonstration of the first application was carried out at Vyškov Airport together with the AUDROS project consortium and the Fire Rescue Corps of the South Moravian Region. Jan Orava, project manager from BizGarden, told us about the event: “We had the opportunity to test the monitoring of a fire using a drone and its subsequent evaluation and sending all the necessary data to firefighters during a simulated intervention. Thanks to this, the firefighters knew the extent and exact locations of the fire and could thus choose the most effective extinguishing procedure.”

The exercise used software technologies from GINA Software, a member of the AUDROS consortium and supplier of navigation and coordination systems for the integrated rescue services of the Czech Republic. “Thanks to the integration with the 112 and 150 systems, the information acquired by the drone can be made available in real time to the operations centre and also to the emergency units on the tablet in the vehicle. Thus, all operational management cells share the same operational situation and can coordinate their intervention”, added Boris Procházka, project manager at GINA Software s.r.o.