Press release #1 C2T


As the world leans heavily into digital and green transitions, industry and SMEs as technology hosts are faced with unique challenge to find common language with technology providers and undergo the digital and green transition.

Transition is a process and the key obstacle for digital and green transformation is not the knowledge gap in new technologies but knowledge and competence gap in taking the transformative process to action.

The Capacity2Transform (C2T) project, supported by Interreg Central Europe, has stepped forward with an innovative concept in which Business support organizations (BSOs) together with Culturaland Creative Industries (CCIs) operate together to create new model of supporting the business transformation of non-technological sectors with focus on people and not technology as such.

Capacity2Transform targets 11 local entrepreneurial ecosystems in all 9 countries of the Central European Region, having multiple industry sectors addressed including the sustainable Tourism


Central Europe’s vibrant mix of cultures and innovation is at a defining moment. The global call for sustainability and digital modernization presents vast economic and environmental possibilities. However, pivotal sectors like CCIs and Sustainable Tourism SMEs remain on the periphery of innovation process, hindering comprehensive regional advancement.


This trailblazing project specifically addresses this disconnect, through a partnership of 11 esteemed institutions from across Central Europe that will trough international support platform
bring missing competences to local entrepreneurial environments and designated stakeholder groups.

The capacity to transform is to connect internationally, analyze local problems and internationally create concrete solutions for different business concept case studies. Only together we can be
successful in digital and green transformation.

As long-term project outputs two innovative platforms are perceived: the MediaFactory and the KnowledgeFactory.

The MediaFactory emerges as a beacon for the digital, green, and creative revolution. This platform is dedicated to crafting and disseminating content centered around the green and digital
transition. Going beyond mere content creation, the MediaFactory ensures the output – a series of expertly curated articles – is available for open access. This encourages thematic portals focused
on green technology, digital evolution, sustainable growth, and the creative economy to amplify this message to a broader audience at no charge.

On the other hand, the Knowledge Factory serves as a nexus for sustained collaboration between Business Support Organisations (BSOs) and Research Organizations invested in entrepreneurial
support environments. Its utilities are manifold:
• An avenue for peer review exchanges on training programs.
• A repository safeguarding research data derived from measurement toolkits.
• A facilitator for future research, integrating these insights into the project’s deliverables.
By connecting local entrepreneurial environments to the C2T platform, project ensures the target sectors aren’t just catching up but setting the pace in the green and digital transition.


The essence of Capacity2Transform is not just about bridging a skills gap; it’s about future-proofing Central Europe’s economic landscape. By embedding sustainability and digital prowess within its core sectors, the region stands to reap immense rewards: more competitive industries, a stronger economy, and a greener footprint.
For the economy, for the environment, for the future – Capacity2Transform is a beacon of hope and a testament to Central Europe’s resilience and vision.


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The project is co-funded by the European Union under the Interreg Central Europe Programme.