Supporting a research and technology development project (RTD – Research and Technology Development) is a comprehensive activity whose aim is to assess and process the idea containing innovative or research and development elements (innovation step or research step).

It involves assessing the intention’s potential and own skills (concerning knowledge, technology, finances, etc.) to achieve a successful result, searching and establishing cooperation with relevant partners, and managing the implementation of the research project with clearly defined goals, milestones, control mechanisms, and budgets.

R – Development and Management

We provide professional support for start-up companies and intentions (Start Up), using established methodologies and procedures not representing a burden to an enthusiastic starting scientist – entrepreneur with useless ballast when developing a business plan.

We identify the key segments of the plan, providing the services to the currently necessary extent. We follow the rule describing what is important to a starting entrepreneur. This is not a business plan describing the future for 10 to 20 years ahead but rather a set of ten telephone numbers of customers who will order the product on offer.

As for established companies, we provide them with specialised innovation consultancy. The management of research and innovation projects has its particularities and there are only a few consultancy firms specialising in these issues. We use well-established international standards and are a member of an international network of consultancy entities that have developed and have been further improving this European standard.

We prepare studies and provide support to organisations, agencies and institutions that form an innovation environment on the European, national and regional level.

T – Team and Training

In a large number of projects, especially those seeking one of the forms of support, selecting the partners is an essential differentiation factor in terms of success or failure.

Our team has sufficient background and contacts among domestic and foreign partners from the industrial sphere, academic environment, financing, and experts on intellectual property protection. Both in private projects and projects using public resources, the correct selection and composition of the team and partnership is a prerequisite for successful project implementation.

We also offer specific and practically focused training in the area of research management. The aim is to customise the training to your personal expectations and to satisfy the needs of your team.

D – Dissemination, motivation and education

Dissemination concerning the results of research and development and knowledge and information on scientific activity and innovation includes all the aspects of communication, marketing and lobbying activity.

This “non-scientific” part of the activities, important to successful research and innovation activities, is often neglected. It includes the following:

Communication and PR;
Marketing activities;
Technology transfer;
Lobbying and representation;
Partnership in EU projects and dissemination of their results;
Support and consultancy in the areas of research and technology development promotion.