SIS-SREM Feasibility Study

Safety and Information Services For Ski Resorts in Emerging Markets or SIS-SREM Feasibility Study is a project financed by ESA. The study was led by BIC R&D, s.r.o. which is former name of the BizGarden company. The partners who participated in the project were DKE Aerospace Germany GmbH, GINA Software, s.r.o and ALPSTEIN Tourismus, GmbH&Co.KG (now Outdooractive GmbH & Co. KG).

The SIS-SREM (Safety and Information Systems for Ski Resorts in Emerging Markets) feasibility study investigates and assesses the technical feasibility and commercial viability of a sustainable service which will support the management of ski resorts (development, operation, maintenance) in order to reduce the operational cost and services which support safety and enjoyment of their visitors.

Partners involved are aimed at designing and establishing a viable and sustainable operational service. The specification of the integrated system shall combine existing terrestrial assets with space technologies and offer to the end users an attractive solution which is different from the existing services. The study team focuses its efforts on central European and eastern European markets which have demonstrated stable growth over the past 5 years and still have a good potential in this respect.