IMP3rove is the brand of complex tools, which was formed under the patronage of the European Commission as a part of the programme EUROPE INNOVA. The project was carried out by the consortium of companies lead by A. T. Kearney in Germany all around Europe.

The European Union realizes that in the competition with other countries, above all the United States of America and some Asian countries, the dynamics of innovation processes is a differential criterion. Unfortunately, Europe has been lagging behind in this respect over the last years.

It is not a problem of large, above all multinational companies, which have sufficient sources for using progressive trends. The lagging behind is evident above all at small and medium-size companies; Europe does not have such an innovation pace as for example the USA.

Tools and outputs of analytical materials provide the information about your competitiveness and sustainable growth. It shows to what degree your innovation management capabilities contribute to the company competitiveness. Almost 3000 small and medium-size companies worldwide already profit from IMP³rove Assessment and that is basically an assessment based on a large innovation audit.

The IMP³rove Assessment is a key to the development of companies and systematic development and management of your innovation potential. It is based on systematic assessment including all the aspects and proportions as depicted in the brief model entitled “A.T. Kearney House of Innovation”. The performance of key factors for successful innovation management is measured.

The output is the complex “IMP³rove” assessment report, which compares the growth of your company with the growth of companies considered to be market leaders but also with the existing average. Depending on the geographic sphere of activity, you can compare your company with your competition on domestic markets or with (potential) competitors on international markets.

Thus, the project objective is the support of the system approach to development and innovation management in MSP with the objective of increasing their competitiveness, improving the communication and understanding of financing subjects leading to easier use of their financial resources.

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Our company employs qualified advisors. We are in a close contact with the research and implementation team of the IMP3rove system and we participate in its application in the Czech Republic and further professional development.

The video presentation will further inform about the tools and the system IMP3rove:

Eva Diedrichs, the IMP3rove coordinator, and some of its coaches describe the benefits for SMEs of engagement with the IMP3rove innovation management system