SIS-SREM Demonstration

Demonstration of Safety and Information Services for Ski Resorts in CEE Region or SIS-SREM (Safety and Information Systems for Ski Resorts in Emerging Markets) Demonstration is a project financed by European Space Agency and conducted by BizGarden s.r.o, as a leading partner and several partners based in Central Europe. One of the partners is GINA Software s.r.o, a company based in Brno, specialized in the development of software technology for computers, tablets, and mobile devices, which enables its users to navigate through difficult terrain. The German partners is the biggest portal for out door activities in German speaking countries.  Partners from Poland, Cervi Robotic Sp. z o.o., works as a consulting, prototyping and solutions implementation company with a focus on robotics.

The goal of SIS-SREM Demonstration project is to explore how drone imagery can be used to visualize, promote and document outdoor activities, POIs and personal outdoor experiences and demonstrate different business models based on the existing platform to commercialize value-added drone data in the B2B and B2C markets.

The project had greater influence. Alpdest CEE was founded by team members and partners who participated in a feasibility study assigned by the European Space Agency with the name Safety and Information Systems for Ski Resorts in Emerging Markets. Hangar technology for drones was created for the purpose of the project. Services produced for the project are multi applicable and can be used in many other fields.

The basic idea of UAVs integration into existing Outdooractive and GINA solutions is the development of cooperation in the field of emergency rescue services in mountain areas along with the development of solutions useful for the tourism promotion. The proposed solution will combine the real-time data collection using UAVs which will be used to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency situation evaluation by mountain rescue services, even before their physical arrival to the scene. In the meantime, when medical intervention does not take place, UAVs will be used for automated real-time monitoring of the ski/mountain areas which will be then used to increase operators’ awareness and comfort, along with the possibility to capture personal videos using UAVs.