About us

BizGarden specialises in the development and management of Research, Development and Innovation activities in companies and institutions, as well as in efficient support of developing an approachable and stimulating environment for these activities in the Czech Republic and the EU in cooperation with state authorities and agencies and trade organisations, associations and unions.

We support industrial companies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), associations and societies, agencies and public administration institutions, universities and research institutes in all stages of their activities related to research and technological development and innovation projects, i.e. starting from the phase of developing innovation strategies, innovation or development concepts, planning and management, up to the application of results of research and innovation activities.

A number of projects initiated, supervised or managed by us have been awarded and received support from regional, national or European financial resources. At present, the support is typically provided from the ongoing 7th EU framework programme, structural funds, and national funds supporting research and development. On the other hand, a number of our activities receive funding from our own resources, or possibly are customised for a specific partner.
Our services cover all the organisational aspects of research management:

RTD Development: development of an innovation environment on the international, national, regional and corporate level and development of RTD projects;

RTD Management: we provide services extending from assessment (Audit) and development of internal corporate structures in the area of research, development, and innovations, through to implementing systems of science and research management, up to the management and administration of individual projects concerning research and technology development;

RTD Dissemination of information on research and results of research tasks, on programmes providing support for science and research and cooperation between individual actors and research and technology development projects, PR and marketing support, and support of commercialising results;

RTD Training: Training programmes designed for research and technology development staff.