European competition in the use of navigation systems selects the best ideas for carrying out applications in the branch of satellite navigation. The European Satellite Navigation Competition has already taken place since 2004. It is organised by the Anwendungszentrum Company in Oberpfaffenhofenu in Germany.

The key to success is a close cooperation with regional, institutional and industrial partners with whom we share the mutual objective: Support of innovations and business spirit on GNNS markets in Europe (Global Navigation Satellite System, abbreviation “GNSS”).

ESNC is a part of the successful Bavarian model – generating new highly technological companies – which proceeds from three basic steps – generating application stimuli in the form of competition, their prototype implementation in the incubator and following industrial realization within the cluster including the potential capital support of bank consortium and Bavarian state. During past three years, more than three tens of new companies in the branch of satellite navigation were generated through this procedure.

The competition has two rounds – a regional one and the final international one. Only the winning projects of the regional round qualify for the international round. Within the scope of ESNC, there are special prizes Special Topic Prizes awarded besides the first prize. Significant European institutions engaged in the satellite navigation and competition partnership companies award these prizes.

Above all, the assessors evaluate the ideas on the basis of:

  • Potential benefits of the idea
  • Advantages compared to other existing/existing solutions
  • Technical and technological feasibility of the idea
  • Significance and manner of GNSS use for the carrying out of the idea
  • Time it would take to implement (time to market)
  • Chances of becoming a commercial success
  • Patent eligibility
  • Idea investment potential
  • Submitted idea innovation degree

Information about the competition and news, information about the process of evaluation and events related to announcing the results are accessible at Czech Space Portal (the web pages of the branch of cosmic technologies and satellite systems of Ministry of Transport CR), at the competition web pages and we, BizGarden as the competition partner, also inform about the news.