At the 32nd edition of the international tourism fair HOLIDAY WORLD & REGION WORLD in Prague, we had the opportunity to present the financing of digitalization projects in small businesses such as family accommodation facilities or local non-profit organizations operating, among others, as travel agencies or agencies, and especially their approach to the implementation of digital solutions and short- and long-term strategies in this area.
BizGarden, s.r.o., in close cooperation with the Tourism Association of the Czech Republic, invited to the stage the partners of the Digitour project, Hotel Morava Jevíčko, which implemented the project Malá Haná with the support of the Digitour project, and the non-profit organization Posázaví with the project of introducing a digital visitor card. The discussion was moderated by Ludek Kühr from BizGarden s.r.o.

The panel discussion focused on selecting innovative approaches to developing and improving destination communication based on best practices. Strategies to increase the attractiveness of regions and communication with guests were discussed. Two supported solutions delivered by DIGITOUR Project‘s technology partners, Uneeqly and ALPDEST CEE, s.r.o., were presented. The beneficiaries talked about their strategies for implementing digital solutions and the expectations they have for them. The impact of project implementation on the perception of digitalisation in tourism in general was also mentioned. The partners agreed that the implemented projects motivated them to think more deeply about the positive benefits of digitalization for their business and led to a systematic search for new opportunities both in the area of improving internal processes and in marketing and information communication with customers.