DigiTour: Destination development strategy Malá Haná

On Friday, 6 October, the team of the DigiTour project organized by BizGarden and the team of the Destination Mala Haná project, led by Hotel Morava Jevíčko, presented themselves to the stakeholders who were invited to participate in the promotion of the Mala Haná region as an interesting outdoor destination on the border of Moravia and Bohemia.

BizGarden s.r.o. provides financing for the Destination Malá Haná project through cascade financing from the DigiTour project under the COSME programme, funded by the European Innovation Council and the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EISMEA). Hotel Morava Jevíčko implements the Destination Malá Haná project in cooperation with Alpdest s.r.o. using the global Outdooractive platform.

For hotels, guesthouses and other tourism service providers, guests are the energy that drives these businesses forward, giving them purpose and meaning. Therefore, it is the natural desire of entrepreneurs in this sector to present the region, the location of their business, as a place with an interesting history, with a range of activities and destinations worth visiting and where it is worth spending more days.

Luděk Kühr and Jan Orava during the presentation

The region around Jevíčko is not one of the generally known, popular tourist destinations. That is why a project initiated by entrepreneurs in accommodation services was created, which aims to make Malá Haná, this northern part of the Boskovice furrow, more visible and tell the story of this region embedded in the description of places connected by hiking trails for hikers, cyclists, horse riders and all fans of active outdoor holidays.

Promoting a region or a specific place is always a long-term project. The long-term sustainable development of a region in which tourism plays or can play an important role is a matter for a wide range of partners representing the complex interests of the region. The team of the Destination Malá Haná project, led by the management of the Hotel Morava in Jevíčko, is aware of this.

On Friday, October 6, representatives of municipalities, accommodation providers, local action groups and tourist destinations met, to whom the Destination Malá Haná project team presented their plan, the technology they have chosen and the method of financing this project within the DigiTour project from the COSME programme.

The DigiTour project supports the tourism sector in Europe through, among other things, innovation vouchers for SMEs to implement digital tools and innovations.

The Destination Malá Haná project, led by partner Hotel Morava Jevíčko, is focused on using content marketing to promote the region and potential tourist destinations and activities through the global Outdooractive platform and its distribution system, which potentially makes tourist content available to tens of millions of travellers per month.

The goal of the implementation team is to invite the broadest possible group of stakeholders with an interest in promoting the region and its sustainable development to collaborate on a long-term basis. The meeting confirmed the assumption that tourism development is a common goal to make Malá Haná more visible as a sustainable tourist destination. We talked openly about the positives as well as the difficulties and potential obstacles in the cooperation and agreed that there is still a long way to go, which will require an even broader involvement of other partners and a consolidation of approaches and strategies so that the proposed solution will take advantage of and further evaluate the work in the already implemented activities and bring new added value to the region.

On behalf of the DigiTour project team, we would like to thank all participants for the substantive debate on the project and openness for further cooperation, the Hotel Morava in Jevíčko for the realization of the project and the excellent management of the role of the meeting host.
All those who could not attend this time are cordially invited to the next working meeting, which will take place in the same place at the end of November or beginning of December. You can register your interest in participating today by signing up for information in the simple form HERE

If you want to know more please contact us at: l.kuhr@bizdagarden.cz.