Project meeting in Klagenfurt: Brainstorming Energy Unleashed

Klagenfurt, Austria – From November 13th to 15th, the Capacity2Transform partnership convened in Klagenfurt for a pivotal Consortium meeting, bringing together the project members in a collaborative environment. This gathering marked a significant step in the partnership’s journey towards developing digital-green-creative action plans.

Unleashing Collaborative Potential

Over the three days, participants engaged in a series of intensive workshops and discussions, focusing on understanding and addressing the needs of stakeholders. This collaborative approach underlined the importance of stakeholder involvement in shaping sustainable and innovative solutions.

Key Highlights of the Meeting:

Interactive Workshops: The workshops provided a platform for open dialogue, enabling a deeper understanding of stakeholder perspectives and needs.

Strategic Communication: Discussions centered on effective strategies to engage stakeholders continually and maintain their interest in the project’s progress.

Action Plan Development: The meeting set the groundwork for the detailed development of the digital-green-creative action plans, emphasizing the integral role stakeholders will play as key drivers of these initiatives.

A Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

As Capacity2Transform moves forward, the insights gained from this meeting will be instrumental in tailoring the action plans to align with the real-world challenges and opportunities identified by stakeholders.

What’s Next?

The Capacity2Transform team is now poised to begin the detailed phase of action plan development, with a renewed focus on stakeholder-driven innovation. Regular updates on the progress and milestones of the project will be shared on the Capacity2Transform website and social media channels.