What Capacity2Transform project is about?

Capacity2Transform (C2T) is a capacity-building project that addresses the lack of skills in the Creative and Cultural Industries and sustainable tourism Small and Medium Enterprises (ST_SMEs) in Central Europe (CE). Its aim is to address the lack of skills in these sectors to participate in and contribute to digital and green transition initiatives (DG).

Faced with the challenge of twin DG transition, job insecurity due to COVID-19, and the talent scarcity in the targeted industry sectors and regions, transnational cooperation is seen as the only viable solution to provide systematic support for enhancing skills and capabilities.

The project targets all nine countries in the CE Region and aims to connect Business Support Organizations (BSOs), educational and research organizations, innovation agencies, thematic clusters, and representatives of local and regional government. The goal is to address the lack of opportunities for CCIs and ST_SMEs to engage with DG transition actions, which is directly linked to the limited technical and management skills of the target groups and their limited access to relevant business structures.

The main objective is to adopt a business-supportive environment that acts as catalyst for capacity building among the targeted groups and link those sectors where digital and green actions are not yet including the CCIs and ST_SMEs neither in the development process nor in the delivery chain of the sustainable digital and green products/solutions to the market.

The C2T partners agree to work together towards the following objectives:

  • Recognising and integrating the CCI sector as a key part of the innovation value chain in the green and digital transition.
  • Establishing and activating a cross-regional systematic support network of BSOs.
  • Strengthening the skills and capacities of CCIs, sustainable tourism SMEs, and other stakeholders to develop, implement, and deliver digital and sustainable solutions to the market.
  • Finding entrepreneurial solutions to social and ecological challenges.

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