Towards the European Future in Mobile Services

Wednesday, 20th November 2013, 11:30 to 16:30

Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union, Rue Wiertz 77, 1000 Brussels, BE

A day that will launch EMMIA’s “Mobile Europe” guidebook to the next practice on ensuring Europe develops as a future world leader in this rapidly developing industry. Presenting you with an opportunity to evaluate, validate and discuss what is being done and what should be done in terms of future regional innovation policies based on the experience of five very different European regions championing innovation in mobile services.

Over 100 industry professionals will gather to discuss and debate the business, political and technical challenges that lie ahead for SSA experts.

13 – 14 November 2013, LONDON

Space-based systems enable a wide spectrum of applications which play a fundamental role in our everyday life (TV, Internet or geopositioning). They are critical to key areas of the economy and help ensuring our security. Space-based applications and derived services as well as space research have become critical for the implementation of EU policies, such as environment, climate change, maritime policies, development, agriculture, security related policies including the CFSP/CSDP, as well as the furthering of technical progress and industrial innovation and competitiveness.


“It’s critical that industry, science and technology (R&D) and the military users of space are inter-laced to minimise duplication of effort in order to have a synergistic effect, and the SSA Conference 2013 is a good opportunity to commence that activity in earnest.”

– Squadron Leader David Davenport, OC UK Space Operations Coordination Centre, Ministry of Defence, UK


Key Topics on the Agenda at Space Situational Awareness 2013

  • SSA Policy
  • SSA International Co-operation
  • Collaboration & Interoperability
  • Space Surveillance & Tracking
  • Space Debris
  • Orbital Debris
  • Space Weather
  • Imagery
  • NEO
  • LEO /GEO
  • Commercial Space Situational Awareness
  • Spacecraft tracing and location prediction
  • Space based / Ground-based radar systems
  • Space-based sensors * Optical Systems
  • Data Systems Management
  • Implications for all stakeholders
  • Country by country political initiatives driving forward SSA
  • Spacecraft insurance / financial risk
  • Ground Based Systems
  • Competitive capabilities gained through the development of SSA infrastructure and capabilities.

Delegates are confirming their attendance from across the globe, from Government, Space Agencies, Satellite / Spacecraft Operators, Space Lawyers, Space Insurance providers, United Nations, Defence and civil protection.


How can you get involved in Space Situational Awareness 2013?

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