BizGarden founded KoPlac

As a company, BizGarden is mostly working on developing different project and platforms. One of the things that we are most proud of is to be an official founder of KoPlac.

BizGarden was involved in many national activities and International projects. This is something which brings automatically many contacts with people from various environments, companies, industries, and countries with it. But all of these activities have been developing only with partners from outside of Brno. Here we have been always sitting alone in an office behind locked doors.

The need to have more „social contacts“ in Brno with similarly minded people and also to have a more international environment, BizGarden Team decided to open a co-working space.

KoPlac, at its beginning, was mostly focused to become a co-working space for young start-ups in Brno to develop their business in the relaxed and inspiring environment. Now, it became more than that. KoPlac is about communication, cooperation, co-working and creative people who want to develop their business. It is a place to come up with new ideas, if you need a help with developing the business, want to spend your internship in a dynamic environment, or if you are just looking for a space for holding a workshop.

In 2015 KoPlac was the host of the first Startup Weekend event organized for the first time in Brno. The event lasts for 48 hours and during that time the teams should come up with a business idea, develop it and present it. Participants have mentors who are helping them during the entire process and judges who are choosing the best team.

KoPlac hosted three Startup Weekends in Brno so far. During that time, more than 150 people participated in the event and they came from different countries from all over the world. Startup Weekend in Brno, organized from the team from KoPlac is now known as one of the most culturally diverse events. Besides that, it made a great impact and young entrepreneurs and motivate them to start their own business.

Besides, Startup Weekend, KoPlac is known for the various events organized for entrepreneurs. One of those events is Startup Europe Week, Punk your business, Launch your business, Tea with Carl and many other.

One of the things to highlight is a multicultural and interdisciplinary dimension of KoPlac. Every year there are more than 30 Erasmus+ trainees who are coming from the countries all over the Europe. Throughout the years, there were more than 70 international students coming to do an internship in the company.

What is a real conception between BizGarden and KoPlac, beside BizGarden being an official founder? They are both run by the same team. A group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who wanted to use KoPlac as a way to support start-up community in Brno and work on their innovative ideas.