ESA App Camp

Your week at the European Space Agency – 3 to 10 June 2013 in Frascati near Rome/Italy

The ESA App Camp is not about canoeing or campfires. It’s about creating mobile applications that bring Earth observation services to the everyday user.
Are you an innovative developer from Europe with experience in app development? Then take your chance and apply to spend one week at the European Space Agency (ESA) near Rome between 3 and 10 June 2013.
ESA is inviting 20 developers to its ESRIN location in Frascati (including travel expenses and accommodation) – and you can be one of them! Whether you are selected for the App Camp 2013 will depend on the creativity of your previous works with regard to content, usability, design, and the underlying business concepts, so show us the best apps you have developed.

Seize the opportunity to meet with like-minded people, create mobile applications using satellite data, and gain insight into ESA’s work.

ShareAware – the winning app of
the ESA App Camp 2012

The winning app of the first edition of
the ESA App Camp aims to
interconnect people concerned
about the environment
to understand, learn about, be
prepared for or react to various
events or remote sensing results.
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ESA provides access to satellite data for the development of mobile applications (Android and iOS) in five predefined categories. The goal is to develop mobile apps using Earth monitoring data on smartphones, in particular by leveraging the possibilities offered by the European Earth observation programme GMES (which will be called “Copernicus” in the near future). You don’t need any experience in integrating such data to take part in the App Camp. Participants will be able to choose their preferred category and will then be grouped accordingly into teams of four. The winning team – whose members will each receive the iPad3 – will be selected by a jury of ESA representatives on the final day of the App Camp.

Apply now! Registration is open from 7 February to 25 March 2013 at .

Important Dates

7 February – 25 March 2013

Registration open at

as of 9 April 2013

Notification of selected participants

3 – 10 June 2013

ESA App Camp 2013

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